One of the most common questions we hear as divorce attorneys is, "How much am I going to have to pay?" The simple answer is, it depends.

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you could pay a negligible amount in support payments and fees, or none at all. However, there are other scenarios that require extensive negotiations or time spent in court.

At Hightower Reff Law, we look to mitigate as many of these costs as possible. When determining alimony payments, whether you stand to receive or to pay, we will work to ensure the amounts are just and fair under Nebraska law.

Alimony And Spousal Support Laws In Nebraska

Alimony is intended to protect a spouse, who after a divorce, may be unable to support him or herself immediately after the separation and subsequent divorce.

There are many factors that play into a court's decision when assigning alimony, including the length of the marriage, the education and employment opportunities available to the receiving spouse, and whether other contributions were made to the marriage such as time spent raising children.

Spousal support payments are not necessarily meant to last a lifetime. If a receiving spouse remarries, he or she will no longer receive support payments from his or her former spouse. Similarly, as financial circumstances change — perhaps the party making payments loses his or her job, receives a promotion and an increase in income, or other changes affect the amount of support an individual can pay — modification may be warranted.

Our divorce attorneys at Hightower Reff Law can help both with spousal support initiation and modifications.

Straightforward, Clear Counsel

When you have questions, you want honest, straightforward, and clear answers. We don't believe in building false hopes or telling half-truths. When you work with our team of lawyers, you will receive the information you need to make intelligent and informed decisions.

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