At Hightower Reff Law, we are experienced in paternity cases and everything that goes with them. Paternity is a complicated area of the law in Nebraska. If you don't take action early, it may affect your rights as a parent. This is true whether you are a biological father, a mother or a person who is paying child support for a child who may not be your biological child, but was born to you during a marriage. Call us today at Hightower Reff Law to schedule your initial consultation and learn more.

Nebraska Paternity Laws Explained

Paternity cases can be difficult to maneuver through in the court system, and can bring up other legal issues in their wake. Issues like child support, custody, and parenting time, to name a few. We don't recommend anybody try to get through it alone. You need confident, clear, committed legal representation like the kind we provide at Hightower Reff Law.

Some basics of this complicated area of Nebraska Law:

  • If the parents are married to each other when a child is born, Nebraska law presumes the husband to be the child's biological father. If he is not the bio dad, but takes on that role and paternity of the actual biological father is not quickly established in court, the non-bio-dad husband may be forced to continue to provide for the child, even if a divorce happens down the road and another man is proved later to be the biological father.
  • If the parents are not married at the time a child is born and the father is not listed on the birth certificate, but wants to protect his rights, there are steps he must quickly take with the courts or Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.
  • If the parents are not married when a child is born, and the father is not listed on the birth certificate, a Court Order of Paternity has to be entered to establish child support, health care coverage, or cash medical support, and protect the child's inheritance and Social Security and/or other benefits via his or her biological father.
  • If an alleged biological father does not believe he is the bio parent of a child, or is not sure, he must take steps quickly via genetic testing through the courts to learn the truth to protect his rights and those of the child.

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